ISO 9001 UKAS 014_black_box

Quality of our products and services has been our formula for success. Our main concern is our customer satisfactions.  

AlMusbokat is ISO 9001 UKAS accredited and in a very short period we were able to establish our track records with a sizeable network of customers in Saudi Arabia.

Our Laboratory facilities includes  spectrometers for chemical analysis, Metallographic equipment for metal microstructure analysis, Various physical testing equipment such as hardness testers, Universal testing machines and Nondestructive methods such as Ultrasonic and Dye penetrant testing.


Tools we use to ensure quality throughout the production
 Bez-imeni-1-340x424 Spectro  UTM Detail2   150DX G1E

Solid Heat simulator

Scanning & Probing

Chemical Analyzer

Ultrasonic  Tester

Universal Testing