AlMusbokat has a proven track records of supplying heat, wear, Impact and corrosion resistant castings to various industries in Saudi Arabia. Among these are Cement Industries, Oil & Gas companies, Stone crushers, Aggregate mixers and Asphalt mixing plants.

Backed up with a state of the art laboratories and simulation software, our experienced Engineers can offer reversal engineering techniques to manufacture a wide array of quality spare parts and castings.

Foundry facilities includes Pattern making, Induction furnaces, Furan sand molding, Heat treatment, Fettling, Machine shop and complete Laboratory equipment for chemical and physical property analysis.

AlMusbokat is your potential solution for your hard to source casting requirements.

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We are able to do all the following

  • Casting weight ranging from 2 kgs to 1200 kgs.
  • Induction Furnace Melting.
  • Furan Sand Molding.
  • Floor Sand Molding.
  • Heat Treatment (Hardening, Annealing, Stress Relieving and tempering).
  • AutoCAD, Pro Engineering and solidification simulations software
  • Machine Shop.
  • Fettling and shot blasting facilities.